Peter Lerbrandt

Peter Lerbrandt is an active Chairman and member of the board for three different companies. In the past, he has been on the boards of several other companies, but has recently cut down on his board posts. Peter is a retired lawyer and was the owner of Lerbrandt Advokatfirma (Lerbrandt Law Firm) for 30 years that specialized in corporate law and company acquisitions. Peter is known as a creative thinker, who often concocts alternative solutions that no one else would have thought of. Peter is also an avid sailor, who owns four different boats, some of them used for races around the world and often with Peter on board as a crew member.

Board and directorships

Industri Udvikling (Industry Development) is a private equity partner that primarily invests in Danish production companies. Peter has been a member of the board since 1994.

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Auditdata develops high-quality audiology solutions for both public and private hearing care practices. Peter has been Chairman of the board since 2006.

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Nortlander Ski-Tours is one of the biggest travel agencies in Denmark, specializing in ski trips to Austria, France and Italy. Peter has been a member of the board since 2000.

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Lerbrandt Advokatfirma

For a long period of time, 30 years to be exact, Peter Lerbrandt was the owner of Lerbrandt Advokatfirma, a law firm specializing in corporate law and company acquisitions. The company was known for its integrity and its aspiration towards prioritising business solutions over legal conflicts. Lerbrandt Advokatfirma also acted as consultants within purchase, sales and rental of real estate, employment law, incorporeal and marketing law, banking and finance law, tax law and negotiation and preparation of common business law contracts. Among others, Lerbrandt Advokatfirma aided in the establishment, development and sale of Dataco A/S, Exatec A/S, Doubleclick A/S and Saint Tropez A/S, with the sale of Jubii A/S and with the establishment and development of Saxo Bank A/S.

In 2010, Peter handed over the lawfirm to his partner, Jesper Sidenius, who has continued the firm under the name Legalink Danmark Advokatfirma.


Lerbrandt Lokomotiv ApS

With Lerbrandt Lokomotiv ApS, Peter has invested in both public and private companies with success and dedication. Peter Lerbrandt takes an active part in optimizing his portfolio and in doing so has created a strong investment company in Lerbrandt Lokomotiv ApS.

Investments in private companies: AuditdataAgillic, Telebilling, Industri Udvikling IV K/S

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Peter has a strong passion for sailing and is an enthusiastic racer, when he has the time. He has competed in races around the world and also acquired some wins under his belt. Find him at the harbour in Hellerup or Dragoer in Denmark, if not at races!

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Peter Lerbrandt

Lemchesvej 15

2900 Hellerup


Phone +45 40 26 80 81


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